About Us

Providing beverage industry content including beverage reviews, beverage industry articles, videos and expertise to journalists and media editors as well as distributors and retailers.

We provide the media including journalists and editors with content about the beverage industry at no cost that can republish in their publications.  Media reps can choose from our existing content or ask us to produce original content exclusively for them.

Beverage Industry Content Includes:

  • Beverage Products Reviews.
  • Video Product Reviews.
  • Editorial Beverage Reviews.
  • Beverage Company Reviews.
  • Beverage Company Stock Reviews.
  • Beverage Industry Content.
  • Beverage Infographics and Photographs.
  • Beverage Industry stock market reviews.
  • Finding Good Beverage Stories.

Publications that benefited from our content include Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, ESPN, Black Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX radio and television affiliates and many local and national newspapers.

We don’t just work with journalists, we also work with the Beverage Industry

There are more than 5,000 beverage companies that sell less than $5 million per year.  More than 1,500 beverages per year never land a distributor or a retail account. Get the right information to choose the right beverage for you, for your distribution company or for your store.   What beverage will sell in convenience stores? What new ready to drink tea can be sold in restaurants? Or what is the next new discovery or breakthrough in branding or packaging?  Compare brands or put your beverage to the challenge against others to see how you stack up or how to make your marketing or distribution better.

Beverage Industry Network Benefits

  • Find new beverages.
  • Get appointments at trade shows.
  • Collaborate around beverages.
  • Ask for samples.
  • Revise beverage marketing strategies.
  • Get merger and acquisitions prospects.

For Beverage Distributors

Beverage distributors can find new beverages to fill their portfolio or review the marketing support of beverages they are considered to add to their beverage distribution network.  When you are ready to add a new product to your network simply come to the network and check their marketability, their chain registration or their distribution kit or distributor support.

If you’re not sure what new beverage to add to your portfolio you can do a search by category or by distribution support or any other beverage distribution category and get a list of beverages that are ready to be added to a Budweiser, Miller-Coors, Foodservice, Wine and Spirits, Wholesaler or other type of distribution network.  If you’re part of a Miller-Coors or Budweiser buying group make sure you contact us first so we can schedule an appointment with the best beverage for your needs.  This includes if you have one contract for all territories or other requirements from the beverage manufacturer.

For Beverage Retailers and Buyers

If you’re a retail category buyer of a supermarket, superstore, convenience store or pharmacy chain or a regional manager looking for products for your region we have special tools for you to choose the best beverage to meet your specifications.

Small retailers and franchise owners can also choose the best beverages with the best margins to fit their retail customers including niche products, ethnic beverages, or beverages you can buy directly from manufacturers to test in your stores. You can also partner with beverage manufacturers to test products and get new brands at no cost to you.

For Beverage Investors

Investors are looking for new and existing beverages to evaluate and invest. Companies are looking for beverages to follow or scout for their mergers and acquisitions team.  You can now evaluate brands and their capacity to grow now and in the future by simply following their progress and that of their founder or management team.

Investors can get the right questions to ask entrepreneurs in their pitch sessions from our toolkit by simply contacting us. We’re also available to sit in pitch sessions or evaluate brands in pitch sessions for venture capital and angel networks.

For institutional investors we provide industry analysis or individual company analysis in the public sectors.  We’ve worked with hedge funds to give recommendations on mergers and acquisitions for their existing portfolio or for new companies.

For Beverage Consumers

Are you a beverage fan? You can now find the best tasting, best looking beverages on the planet sometimes even before they go to market.  Collaborate with them, get coupons and free samples or simply comment and give feedback on your favorite

For Beverage Manufacturers

Beverage companies can find distributors, retailers and consumers. You can collaborate with suppliers and customers to get your product to market.  Get feedback directly from brokers, retailers, distributors and even consumers on your product, sales material, marketing information, media kit and everything you need to make a better beverage.

Start by going over our beverage review process so your perfect clients and distributors can have access to your beverage.  The best brands are sent to every single distributor and broker in the USA every month and shared with consumers and beverage industry journalists to get coverage on major newspapers, magazines and television channels.

Listing your beverage is absolutely free and you’ll get feedback from our beverage experts on the best channel, distributor and retailer for your beverage at the moment.

For PR Agencies

PR agencies can get publicity and content for your beverage clients that can be distributed to the media, to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, trade publications and directly to consumers.  You can offer your clients customized articles, reviews, photographs, videos and special editorials.  Our writers are not just bestselling authors, they’re also highly respected experts in the beverage industry with a large following.

 For The Media

Are you an editor or journalist? You now have access to beverage articles and can use in your publication and website.

Use our content free on your website, radio, TV, newspaper or magazine. Content includes beverage industry articles and analysis, beverage reviews, beverage infographics, case studies, trade show coverage and much more.

Visit our Media Page for complete details, terms of syndication and details. If you don’t see a review or topic you need contact us and we’ll help you find it, or will write it for you.

Our beverage experts are also available for interviews, expert opinions and appearances.


Our Beverage Expert’s

Jorge Olson is the author of the books “Build Your Beverage Empire” and “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion”. He’s owned many consumer packaged goods brands and distribution companies in the USA and in Mexico. Jorge is also an analyst to Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and other institutional investors that want to invest in the beverage and consumer goods industries. Jorge is currently the President and CEO of Premier Brands, Inc.


Victor Enciso is a Graphic Designer with more than 10 year in experience in new product development


Ed Enciso is the VP of Sales and Operations for Premier Brands, Inc. One of the most importante beverages incubators in the United States. Ed has more than 15 years of experience in the beverage sales department. Eduardo is currently working on a Sales diplomaed for one of the most respected private universities in Latin America



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