Beverage Advertising


Beverage Advertising for National Media Coverage


This unusually different beverage advertising is a slingshot for your beverage. Can you imagine getting your product in front of thousands of journalists, thousands of distributors and even thousands of retailers?

How about getting free advertising on local and national publications, radio and television reaching millions of potential customers?  Our product reviews, articles, interviews and media placements had appeared on USAToday, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, Entrepreneur, Success, Forbes, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates as well as national and local radio stations all over the country.

Contact us today to get started; we have many packages to fit your goals and your place in the industry. We have packages for fortune beverage companies that need new product adoption as well as new beverage companies looking for new distributors and accounts to get distribution off the grown.

Beverage Advertising service includes:

  • Beverage media placement
  • beverage advertising
  • Beverage industry newsletter with 35,000 subscribers
  • Beverage journalist mailing to 6,000 beverage journalists
  • Direct marketing to your target audience
  • Beverage review distribution in video and written format

As you can see our beverage advertising is not your typical one directional banner advertising. It has the ability to place your product in front of millions of consumers with only one review, article or a single story.  No other beverage advertising service, trade show or publication has this ability.

Call us today to get a free, no obligation custom presentation on how we can help your specific product reach the goals you want for it, be it distribution, retailing, or with placement for your target consumer.

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