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About Kombucha Mama

We’ve been brewing Kombucha in our family since 1995 and started doing it for its health benefits. We notice that by drinking it every day, we rarely get sick. We wanted a way to afford everyone a chance to drink Kombucha and like the way it tasted. So with the help of Bend, in 2009 Kombucha Mama came to be. At Kombucha Mama we hand brew and personally taste each batch, so you can be assured the finest, tastiest Kombucha. We brew our Kombucha to be milder than most other brands allowing for everyone to enjoy the taste and at the same time, get the powerful benefits and feel great! All of our ingredients are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.


Kombucha Mama’s Lemon Ginger flavor is the most popular in this brand. The drink is made from a blend of water, sugar, green tea, black tea, lemon juice, ginger root and live kombucha. A new handmade high quality raw product (refrigeration is required). Kombucha mama has a delicate  fermented flavor to it, but the taste from the ginger and the citrus from the lemon helps in the overall harmony of the flavor. It’s got some decent carbonation to it — sometimes the top will bubble up when you open it. Overall, this beverage is very well-crafted and has a great taste. For the Package, the company has chosen a stock brown glass soda/beer bottle with a crown top. The label that wraps around the package has an almost vintage design that seems fitting of a kombucha product. However, we think that the Kombucha Mama Logo should be more visible.


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