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Description:  We work first hand with the growers across the globe and have become friends with many of them. We spend time inspecting the harvest each year to ensure that you always get the best quality but we don’t stop there. Our commitment to the environment has driven us to commit to 100% recyclable and recycled paper material and maintaining our non-bleach cotton and filter bags that you use to make your favorite Village Tea.

Our teas are hand blended and each tea is inspected with a tasting to satisfy our high quality and taste standards.

Review: Village Tea is a high end tea packaged in a luxury cylindrical paper package with beautiful graphics. The tea is delivered in two large 100% non-bleached cotton muslin bags that you open to make your own individualized tea bags. You can also impress your guests with the 10, 100% natural paper filters that are provided inside the container that you feel on your own with the amount of tea perfect to your liking. That way you always get the perfect taste and strength.

Each loose tea is packed in 2 100% non-bleached cotton muslin bags. Additionally, 10 100% natural paper filters are provided so that you can make your own personal tea bag based on your taste

It comes with 15 to20 servings and it’s naturally decaffeinated so you can’t drink it at any time, even late at night. The tea is loose leaf so you get large strands and leafs of tea and the full rich smell always stays in because of the resalable container.  If you never thought of giving tea as a present this presentation and flavor will change your mind.

The strawberry passion white tea that I sampled is from full leaf and bud Chinese Bai Mu Dan white tea with natural strawberries that enhances the brew with a bit of natural sweetness.  The product is delivered in a 170 once 100% recycled paper package that you can reuse as storage for your species, pencils or use it as potpourri or simply toss it into the recycling bin.

Martin Ekechukwu founded Village Tea in 2008, a native of Nigeria that moved to the USA as a child; Martin sees tea as the silver bullet of modern day society and one that is often overlooked as a source a health or wellness. Martin speaks passionately about how he doesn’t add any “tea dust” to his product, only the highest quality full leaf tea and natural ingredients.   Village Tea Company is a minority owned company and received investment from DC Brands OTC: HRDC in exchange for an equity position, since then the product has entered more than 500 retail locations.

Village tea is available for $13.99 online and in retail stores across the country. It also comes in several flavors including lemon ginger, jasmine, classic white tea, ginger orange, earl grey, English breakfast, cherry bloom acai, and vanilla. The product is distributed to retailers and wholesalers all over the country and internationally.

Village Tea product breakdown

Village Tea Package

Village Tea

Village Tea

Village Tea is a luxury tea you can enjoy every single day. It’s presented in a 100% natural and recycled 170 once paper cylinder package that you can reseal and reuse at home our office.  Inside the cylinder you’ll find two cotton muslin bags packed with loose leaf strands of tea and strawberry bits.  To top it all off your tea is accompanied by 10 natural paper filter bags that you use to measure your tea to your taste perfection.   The presentation from the outside and the inside is top quality keeping it at an affordable price great not just for home but also for restaurant and coffeehouses.

Village Tea Taste

You can customize your flavor experience with Village Tea as you fill your own tea filter or bag.  I filled the provided cotton filters half way and got a good flavor out of my tea. The flavor was light with the hints of strawberries sticking in your mouth.  For a stronger taste simply add more tea to your tea bag. I didn’t add any sugar or sweetener and the tea was still sweet.  Village Tea also provides other flavors that have a stronger more robust taste.

Village Tea History

The product was created by Martin Ekechukwu of Village Tea Company.  In the summer of 2008, Martin identified an opportunity to use lessons learned from working in the beverage industry  and put his own stamp on a fragmented industry which led to the development of his own brand of a most cherished drink – tea. He created the brand Village Tea Company and runs the brand as CEO, President and Creative Director.  Village Tea, a premium loose-leaf tea company and product line is dedicated to teaching consumers about the health and wellness benefits of loose tea but with a very simple message – Premium Tea for the Everyday Escape.

Martin sees tea as the silver bullet of modern day society and one that it is often overlooked as a source of health and wellness due it being overshadowed by companies that serve subpar tea (tea dust, as Martin likes to call it) which significantly limits the healthy properties naturally found in tea and results in just a flavored hot water no better than Kool-Aid. Village Tea products are packaged in biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials and are distributed nationally.


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