Frozen Bean Frappe

Frozen Bean Frappe

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Frozen Bean Frappe

All of our easy to make delectable and delicious blends are made with the finest Arabica coffee. Kick back and reflect on the day with the tasty rich treat you deserve. These perfectly creamy and tasteful treats have enlightened the taste buds of those around the world.

Frozen Bean bring their enticing flavors and charisma with a line up of over 100 different flavors, coffee enthusiast from all over the world at Coffee Fest can expect to have their taste buds delighted with delicious frappes, coffee, tea and more.


Sea Salt Caramel Latte

This salted caramel latte mix is a velvety dessert coffee blend, smothered in irresistible caramel with a hint of salt that is pure indulgence. This salted caramel latte mix is versatile and does not contain hydrogenated oils, kosher certified, halal certified.

Vanilla Latte

Vanilla latte mix is an Arabica coffee mix with soothing vanilla that creates perfection in a cup for vanilla lovers everywhere. Frozen Bean Vanilla latte mix is versatile as it can be served hot, cold, or ice blended
-Does not contain hydrogenated oils. Kosher certified. Halal certified.

Our Review

Excellent! If your wallet is constantly drained because of your addiction to Starbucks Frappes, this is a must buy. We receive samples for two flavors: Vanilla Latte and Sea Salted Caramel which I have to say is Delicious. Not only the product is great, also the packaging of this products definitely nails it and is absolutely beautiful. Overall this we believe this product has what it takes to make huge commercial success, and we certainly hope cause it would be great to have Frozen Bean in the store right around the corner of my house.


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  1. I actually use frozen bean mixes in my coffee shop , works great I even tried taking some home the other week and used the mix to make home made ice cream in my cuisinart ..WOW. Gelato in a 5 star dessert bar . I these guys should really consider selling this stuff as a gelato mix.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have a ice cream maker at home I haven’t used in ages. Do I just follow the same directions they list for Frappes ? Have you tried using the Ice blended Coffee mixes in your machine.

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