For the Media

Providing beverage industry content including beverage reviews, beverage industry articles, videos and beverage interviews and expertise to journalists and media editors as well as distributors and retailers.

We provide the media including journalists and editors with content about the beverage industry at no cost that can republish in their publications.  Media reps can choose from our existing content or ask us to produce original content exclusively for them.

Beverage Industry Content Includes:

  • Beverage Product Reviews.
  • Video Product Reviews.
  • Editorial Beverage Reviews.
  • Beverage Company Reviews.
  • Beverage Company Stock Reviews.
  • Beverage Industry Content.
  • Beverage Infographics and Photographs.
  • Beverage Industry Stock Market Reviews.
  • Finding Good Beverage Stories.

Publications that benefited from our content include Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, ESPN, Black Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX radio and television affiliates and many local and national newspapers.

Our beverage experts are also available for interviews, expert opinions and appearances.  You can see and download their media kit here.

Terms of Syndication

Copyright 2013. You are hereby granted a worldwide nonexclusive right to freely make copies, distribute, publish, run and promote links to this content so long as you add or attribute to in the byline or otherwise and no material changes are made to the content. The included photos may or may not be used, but in no case can they be used without the accompanying article. All other rights reserved.  You may use infographics and video with or without the articles or story so long as you attribute to in the byline.

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