Hydrive Energy Water

Hydrive Energy Water

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Description: HYDRIVE Energy Water offers a light, low calorie & refreshing energy boost. HYDRIVE Energy Water offers a light, non-carbonated & refreshing energy boost. With just the right amount of caffeine and only 30 calories, each of the seven delicious flavors also features a special nutrient enhanced formula for added benefits!

Review: I like this product not only because is not your usual energy drink, but because it’s water and it can be used for before, during and after a good workout since some are for energy, focus, extra power, recovery, vitamin and antioxidant is a god substitution for it. It also does give you the boost a coffee gives you, but with less caffeine.

Flavors include:

  • Lemon Lime Rush,
  • Citrus Burst,
  • Black Berry,
  • Blue Raspberry,
  • Triple Berry,
  • Kiwi Strawberry,
  • Grape Fusion

I personally liked Triple Berry flavor the most. All of the flavors have a candy taste, but this one in particular reminded me of cherry and strawberry lollipops. The after taste does feels like an artificial sweetener (that I was expecting since they’re just 30 calories per bottle) but just like any other low calorie drinks.

The bottle has the perfect size since it’s just 15.5 FL OZ, it’s not that heavy to be carried around and the colors of each label are the colors of the liquid, which I think it’s very well implemented, from the packaging perspective.

Overall marketability, it’s very good but could be improved.

Website: www.hydriveenergy.com


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