Interview Guna Muppuri

Interview Guna Muppuri


Interview Guna Muppuri, CEO and founder of  Fire Blade Energy Drink

What inspired you to build your beverage company

Passion towards the Beverage Industry. Passion to be innovative and thinking out of the box from the field of Medicine and Health Care towards the Beverage Industry while trying to educate the end users on health and safety aspects.

How did you come up with the idea?>

Inspiration from an opportunity that I missed to become the distributor of Beverages.

What are yours and your partner’s backgrounds?

Physicians / Pharmaceuticals Company founder & CEO

When did you create the company?

2012 & 2013

What makes your product unique in the market?

Refreshing & Artisan Water sources in the Austrian Alps giving the freshness to the drink and almost no after taste unlike the others in the market.
Very unique line extensions that is going to boost performance during the intimate times.

What is your ideal target consumer?

16 to 35 years age group where energy factor is next to nothing.

Who best identifies your consumer?

A Beer & Soft drinks Distributor

Where is your product available?

Currently, it is available in the Caribbean and its making its way into the US market through multiple distributor alliances which is currently under progress.

What are your distribution channels?

Standalone beverage distributors, chain stores and conveniences stores in each state and own distribution & Web sales.

What are your projected sales for 2014?

500K to 1000K

How do you promote/market your beverage?

Web, TV, Radio, In store activities & association with Music and motorized sports.

Where would you like your beverage company to be in three years?

Looking forward to get 0.25% of the US market share.

If you had the opportunity to build another beverage company what would you do differently?

I am not thinking that far since I have so many things to do to make my dream turned to a successful project.

 What advice could you give entrepreneurs starting their own beverage company?

It is risky and very competitive. But, be positive. Fortune favors the brave.

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  1. I love this beverage and it’s nice to read of how it was created! Thanks BevFans!

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