Interview with Cedric Chastenet

Interview with Cedric Chastenet

What inspired you to build your beverage company?

Andy and I were juicing granny smith apples in a champion juicer one day and I could not believe how wonderful the juice was. There was nothing like this in the stores. Apple juice in the stores is brown, has very little flavor if any at all and bears no resemblance to the apple. The juice we had just made was green like the apple, tasted like biting into an apple and even smelled like an apple.

How did you come up with the idea?

I was aware of how the avocado industry had successfully brought green fresh guacamole year long using HPP. I thought: green avocado – green apple juice… an idea worth exploring.

What are yours and your partner’s backgrounds?

I had a food import business before and my business partner Andy was a stay at home dad for 7 years and before that a teacher. Andy is a connector, with lots of ideas. On my end, I am persistent and I love creating and innovating.

When did you create the company

It all started in April 2010 with an idea but it became real when we invested into a facility in Seattle in September 2010.

What makes your product unique in the market?

Tude juice is an apple juice that tastes like biting into an apple. We created a process that pays a huge attention to oxidation so there is no loss of flavor. As a result our Granny Smith apple juice is green and our Fuji apple juice is orange, just like the flesh of the fruit. There are 4 FRESH apples in a 16oz bottle of tude.

What is your ideal target consumer?

Our target consumer consumes a juice with lunch or as a snack and is interested in natural, healthy, good for you products.

Who best identifies your consumer?

It is not an age group in particular but rather a profile: someone who likes the simplicity of eating fruits as a snack. Tude is in essence liquid apple

Where is your product available?

Most Whole Foods stores carry tude in the west. We are also in Safeway in California and in the North west and just started in Fred Meyers in Seattle and Portland. Central Market in Texas and Berkeley Bowl and Rainbow Coop in San Francisco.

What are your distribution channels?

Natural stores, produce department of grocery stores, coops

How do you promote/market your beverage?

We have done a lot of demos and select events in the North West.

Where would you like your beverage company to be in three years?

I would love to see tude expand to other fruits. I think we should be available in most produce department around the county as a healthy alternative to many of the juices currently in that department that are made with concentrate.

If you had the opportunity to build another beverage company what would you do differently?

Not sure really. Live with no regrets!

What advice could you give entrepreneurs starting their own beverage company?

Spend time in the store to understand your consumer and be prepared to change your labels several times the first year or two as you likely will need to refine your marketing.

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