Interview with Robert Piazuelo

What inspired you to build your beverage company?

Our passion for the wine world and appreciation for the Unites States made possible Carlos Ceballos and Roberto Piazuelo to meet in Washington DC.

Both decided to launch CACEIMPORTS LLC to offer in the U.S market a fine selection of products.

How did you come up with the idea?

Carlos Ceballos has lived in the U.S and Robert Piazuelo has lived in the U.S and Spain.

They both shared great ideas, ending up joining energies to make make possible to open CACE IMPORTS LLC, which will be characterized for its efficiency, and significant knowledge of the products we offer.

What are yours and your partner’s backgrounds?

CACEIMPORTS LLC is a unique company with a great vision. Carlos Ceballos, as a Systems Engineer and Entrepreneur has a knowledge of business and the U.S laws. Roberto Piazuelo travels through the entire Europe, specially Spain looking for high quality and fine products that can offer a very competitive price to the U.S market.

When did you create the company?

In 2013

What makes your product unique in the market?

CACE IMPORTS LLC offers to consumers a variety of fine and selected wine products with a competitive price.
Besides the products we offer, CACEIMPORTS LLC is capable to work in a team that supports the US clients needs. We are committed to look for products that our U.S client may demand.

What is your ideal target consumer?

We are flexible to work with any kind of market. CACE IMPORTS LLC will be able to support from the distributors, e retailers, retailers and so on. We are including a variety of fine wines in our portfolio.

Who best identifies your consumer?

We are managing different products. We don’t identify our clients, we work for them. They desires products and we focus our efforts to supply these products.

Where is your product available?

The products will be located in Virginia, which could be sent to anywhere in the United States.

What are your distribution channels?

As U.S importers, we are looking mainly distributors that are interested in representing our fine brands in their sale regions.

What are your projected sales for 2014?

Our expectations is to sale at least 6 containers between all our products for 2014.

How do you promote/market your beverage?

CACEIMPORTS LLC is a flexible company, meaning that along with distributors that are willing to promote our brands, we will set up a specific plan, depending the market we want to target.

Where would you like your beverage company to be in three years?

CACEIMPORTS LLC is committed to mainly import fine wines and Olive Oil.
We are looking to work a great team work of distributors to support mutually. At the same time, expand our fine products brands to achieve our goals.

If you had the opportunity to build another beverage company what would you do differently?

CACEIMPORTS LLC is a wine importer
It is a new company, incorporated by young, smart, energetic, and business-oriented folks. We could be small, but the decisions and steps we take are solid.

What advice could you give entrepreneurs starting their own beverage company?

Patience, product knowledge, market domain, networking, and perseverance.

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