Mint Limonitz

Mint Limonitz

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Description: Refreshing sparkling drink with 40% fruit juice. Not sweet like your typical minute-maid lemonade, people called it an ‘Adult’s Lemonade’ [but our kids love it too!] It is sought after as a fabulous mixer, giving a fresh and sophisticated taste to any of the white liquors: tequila, rum, gin or vodka.You know what they say…When life gives you lemons, make Limonitz!

Review: A big welcome to the new lemonade in to the lemonade world!
with no artificial flavor, color or preservatives comes with a fresh start of fruit juice, clear sparkling water and 3 amazing mouthwatering ginger, mint and strawberry refreshing flavors! We rate this product with an excellent overall marketability and we are positive that  this beverage is going to be a huge success.




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  1. I can not find them anywhere… and they don’t have a twitter account.

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