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Beat Juice

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About Beat Juice

Beat juice™ contains naturally occurring Dietary Nitrates which lower the oxygen cost of exercise by reducing the total ATP cost of muscle force production — the muscles use less ATP to produce the same amount of work. In practical terms, the dietary nitrates found in Beat juice™ improve exercise economy — the muscles use less oxygen for a given work rate, which is known as a Decrease in Oxygen Uptake. This is very important for endurance athletes as it allows for a significant Increase in strength and stamina, allowing for longer and more intense training without the typical fatigue associated with it.

Beat Juice Review

Beat Juice has an astonishing 900mg of polyphenols per bottle and is a 100% natural. Is composed of a blend of 80 percent juice, including pomegranate, concord grape juice, and beet juice, with added hibiscus and grape seed extract. Has a tart fruit flavor that truly tastes like all of the individual juices used to create beat juice. The hibiscus helps the product have a smooth and almost unnoticeable after taste. The mixture of the pomegranates, concord grapes and beat juice makes for a delicious and refreshing drink for anytime of the day.

The packaging of the product still has some opportunity areas.  The bottle appearance is similar to low price vitamin supplements, which doesn’t reflect what we think is the most important virtue of the product: the flavor.  Overall, we really like the taste, the concept behind the product, and the history behind Beat Juice (a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Stand Up 2 Cancer Fund). But there is still a lot of work to do, to make this product a market success.

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