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About Mulberry Love

The American approach to good health is changing, and functional foods and drinks, including mulberries and coconut water, are playing a big part in this change. For much of the 20th century, the view of American health practitioners towards traditional medicine was tempered with skepticism. In recent years, integrative healthcare formed an “information bridge” that brought the two cultures closer, and this “integrative healthcare” is now flourishing in the US. We’ve witnessed the birth of traditional medicine here, and we’ve seen the rise of alternative and complementary schools of medicine, including the key role that nutrition plays in health maintenance.



By far the best juice I’ve ever tried! So juicy and full of flavor! Everybody in the office went crazy for Mulberry Love when we receive a few bottles for everyone to try. I was completely amazed when after drinking Mulberry Love for only 3 weeks the difference in my skin.  It has revitalized the look of my skin and others have noticed.The juice is all organic which is great for health conscious people and provides an added value for the product overall marketability. The packaging is amazing and really shows what the product is all about.

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From the moment the existence of the deciduous mulberry tree was first noted—more than five thousand years ago— it has been regarded as special. Pliny the Elder called it “the wisest of trees,” as only the mulberry refrains from shooting leaves until the last frost has passed, and writers from ancient China to ancient Rome have praised it for its many health-boosting properties.

“A man will pass his summers in health, who will finish his luncheon with black mulberries,” extolled the Roman poet Horace in the 1st century BC.

Rising up to 50 feet, and with roots that shoot down nearly as far, the hearty mulberry tree also has the ability to tap into more nutrients than most other plants, as the ancients knew all too well.


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