Zola Acai

Zola Acai

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About Zola Acai

Zola is the freshest and most delicious acai juice , not because we say so, but because taste test after taste test says so. With our 12-hour-harvest-to-process guarantee, we capture the freshest and most nutritious acai juice possible. Packed with antioxidants (good for your skin and over-all cell health) and omega fatty acids 3, 6, & 9. Shelf stable = no refrigeration, eight 32oz bottles in each order, organic, kosher, vegan, GMO and Gluten Free, Sustainably & Hand Harvested, Made in the USA. Great for home consumption or in restaurants and cafes. Açaí is a little bitty berry with a deep purple color. It is similar in shape to a blueberry and has a large inner seed. Açaí tastes like luscious wild berries kissed with chocol.  Zola uses the freshest organic Açaí as the main ingredient in all of our delicious Açaí Juices and purees.


Made with 93% juice, sugar and citric acid, soy lecithin, and natural flavors, ZOLA has created a very nice tasting All Organic acai drink. The product is tart and Slightly sweet, with a touch of acai grit to the finish. This product is definitely among the best of the fruit juice category in terms of flavor and quality. They’ve done an excellent job with the product packaging, which is a 12 or 32 oz. PET 2 bottle. The Graphics are full of life and makes you want to taste the drink,  the label has a matte finish, with the exception of gloss finish around the logo at the top of the bottle, text has been arranged in a clean and easy to read fashion. Overall marketability, a very well executed product from ZOLA.


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