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Do you need a beverage industry speaker or presenter for your next event?  Our beverage gurus can speak on several topics including branding, packaging, mergers and acquisitions, sales and distribution, new beverage development, and more.

Leading the band of beverage industry speakers is Jorge S. Olson, author of several books including Build Your Beverage Empire, The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion, Successonomics, and the upcoming Wholesale MBA and Beverage Development Guide.

Jorge is available to speak at trade shows and events. He’s spoken all over the USA and Mexico on subjects including new beverage development, beverage industry analysis, exporting to Mexico, wholesale distribution and beverage trends.

Jorge’s first beverage business was selling beverages at the Tijuana-San Diego border. Since then he’s launched two public companies, six private companies and more than one thousand consumer packaged goods. He’s considered the US’s beverage expert.


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