Grey Lady Ale

Grey Lady Ale

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Description: Named for the often foggy island where it is brewed. This wheat beer is fermented with Belgian yeast and brewed with fresh fruit and spices. A unique ale that emits a complex, earthy nose and a soft, mid-palate maltiness with hints of tropical fruit. Dry and spicy.

Review:  The package of this beer truly represents what Cisco Brewey is all about, but we consider that can be improved. The taste has a very astringent clove and coriander combination. The base beer is overwhelmed by the spices, which manage to turn the citrus component to be almost lemongrassy in character. It is overly bitter for the style as well. But a nice taste for ale beer lovers.

We can foresee a great future in the market for this beer cause it has the two key factors that can make a successful beer brand: a good tasting product and a great company behind.



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