My Cause Water

My Cause Water

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Description: The source of MyCause Water has been voted the best tasting non-carbonated bottled water in the world (even against the giants of industry.)
Our state of the art bottling facility goes above and beyond standard industry practices. The water source we use for MyCause Water was discovered in 1883 and has been a popular source of water ever since. The water travels only 900 feet from the spring to the bottling facility. At this point it goes through a 9-step purification process to produce a super-smooth, clean and refreshing taste.

It was enough to convince the lauded Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting judges to award our water source, a Gold medal. (And last time we checked, there’s a lot of water in this world.)

MyCause is “best tasting” because its’ made up of all the right elements at just the right levels (on avg. in mg/L):
pH: 7.4
Calcium: 24
Magnesium: 5.3
Bicarbonates: 100
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 87


MyCause Water is so pure and tastes so good, the judges took MyCause Water to the top with the Gold for “Best Bottled Water” in the 2012 Beverage World BevStar Awards.


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