People Water

People Water

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Description: At People Water it doesn’t matter to us whether we are building a new well or fixing a broken one. The only thing that matters is that PEOPLE are getting clean water and with that clean water a chance to live a better life. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why we drink what we drink: People Water. We believe in using water that has been purified in nature, not in a lab. (The same way Mother Nature has been doing it for millions of years.) And we only use the highest quality spring water, with a pH balance of 7.2 or higher.

Review: People water is clean and refreshing spring water with nearly a mineral presence, but their taste is only a puzzle piece to their humanity oriented business. People water is committed to give back to communities who lack clean water with their pledge “drop for drop”. Their bottle and label are clean and transmit their purpose of People helping People and leaving their print, which can also be seen in their label as they changed the O in people with a finger print. Overall marketability I believe this product needs to work on their distribution channels in order to be successful in the beverage industry.




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