Dream Water

Dream Water

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Description: The Dream Water® guys stayed up all night… so you don’t have to. They embarked on a journey to perfect a natural formula for a sleep and relaxation water – the first of its kind – that would not only taste great but also have zero calories. The result is Dream Water®, a new and exciting lightly flavored shot with natural relaxation effects.

Like the approximately *70 million other Americans who suffer from sleep issues, the founders of Dream Water® found themselves counting sheep on sleepless nights, skeptical of the potentially harmful effects and addictive chemicals found in most sleep-aid solutions. It was then that they decided to put all that extra time awake to good use.

Review: The Dream Water shot is perfect for when you want to get home and relax and forget the day behind you. It is a great alternative to a sugary relaxation drink or pills because it is the best way to relax your body and mind without the empty calories.

Website: http://www.drinkdreamwater.com/



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