138 water

138 water

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About 138 Water

138 is a new brand of premium, purified, electrolyte-infused drinking water. It is the first fashion water that is packaged in 8 different bottle colors, allowing consumers to complement their style or mood with their water.

Bevfans Review

138 Water comes in a 33.8 FL OZ/ 1 L plastic bullet bottle with a twist off cap. The transparent label with a humming bird drawing gives it a kind approach.  Even though it is filled with electrolytes no taste is recognized, on the contrary it is refreshing and tastes like fresh spring water.

The product was created for healthy and fashion lovers. It comes in a variety of colors which were designed to fit its consumer’s mood; bossy black, cool blue, going green, sunshine yellow, outrageous orange, sexy red, pretty in pink and play full purple, being considered the healthy accessory.

 Product Breakdown

The Package

138 water comes in a 33.8 Fl OZ/ 1 L plastic bullet bottle, with 8 transparent colorful labels, the front label only the name and words “The water that’s going to change your life/. Fill up with love.”  The bottle (bullet) has a comfortable grasp to it. The label is transparent containing the logo in their variety of colors and a hummingbird stretched along 138 Water.


The electrolyte enhanced water has a great refreshing taste.


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