Cocozia Coconut Water

Cocozia Coconut Water

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About Cocozia Coconut Water

COCOZIA® Coconut Water is exactly that: a pure, natural hydration source containing not only water from the green coconut, but essential electrolytes too.

COCOZIA® contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes. Electrolytes are directly involved with body hydration and muscle function. Better to get yours from a natural source like COCOZIA® than from a sugary, synthetic sports drink alternative.

That’s how they drink coconut water in the islands, but fortunately, COCOZIA® has made it a little easier for you here! All the natural elements and flavor, without the need to carry a coconut to your work-out!



We need start by saying that Cocozia Coconut Water is an USDA Certified Organic not-from-concentrate coconut water. The taste is flat and without body, but I need to include that I am not a fan of coconut water. Being not-from-concentrate and organic definitely helps. But I feel that this product needs to improve their flavor in order to be more competitive. The package of the product is very well worked and has a lot of potential. The design looks very neat and explains what the product is about, which a very good thing.


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